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Oracle and SUN With today's surprise announcement that Oracle will acquire Sun Microsystems, several questions were raised as to some Sun products, including MySQL, Solaris, and Browsing around the net, there are several viewpoints on the future of these Sun products, and the team has even issued a statement itself.
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New opportunities
by spinnekopje on Tue 21st Apr 2009 07:35 UTC
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I think there are new opportunities for all projects.
They can let the opensource programs continue to evolve mostly like the maintainers want, but create the 'missing link' to make everything work fluently with each other. Everything at a low cost for the companies.
Don't forget they can make those projects OS-independant, so companies can still choose what OS to use, although Oracle could deliver a good working optimized OS for each purpose again at a very low cost. A dedicated one for the Oracle DB itself, one optimized for mySQL, webserver (also internal) and for the end users.
They might not gain a lot from the products themselves, but there is also the support for them.

But in the end it all comes to one thing, what does Oracle want to do with them. It can also mean the end of what these programs are now, but I don't think (and hope) so.

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