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Window Managers EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) is a desktop environment for UNUX-like operating systems. Main features of EDE are speed and responsiveness, low resource usage and familiar look and feel. "This is the first major 2.0 release, after three years of working on it. It comes with a lot of the new stuff and code, but the most important are replacing eFLTK usage with FLTK, introducing brand new edelib library and syncing with the standards."
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Comment by karijes
by karijes on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 12:00 UTC
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I'm one of the EDE developers and would thank you for given support in your comments. I will try to comment on some of them, clarifying things a little bit.

> development on this project has always seemed a bit on the slow side

Unfortunately it was due external causes. We rushed on FLTK 2.0, ported almost evertyhing, and figured out how FLTK 2.0 future is a bit uncertain. That was proven when most of the FLTK developers focused on the next 1.3 development.

So we did re-port again on stabile 1.x versions (and changed a lot of the things in the mean time).

> I have not seen any EDE2.0 screenshots

Because, visually, things are similar with the previous version ;) . Major visual changes are planned in beta/official release, but you have to keep in mind how we will not try to redefine concepts of desktop environments (as many tries that today) and we like to keep things simple and familiar.

> it still requires eFLTK, which I am not willing to mess with because it requires patching source code to make it build on GCC 4.3.2.

Actually that patch was applied on eFLTK 2.0.8 (released with this alpha) and eFLTK dependency should be fully gone in official 2.0.


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