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Windows As if per clockwork, the release candidate builds for Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit) have been leaked onto the web. "The highly anticipated release candidate build of Windows 7 has been leaked and its authenticity is entirely undisputed. First looks reveal nothing significantly new or different, but if you've been wanting to get a vibe of how far Windows 7 has come since the public beta, especially performance, this is the build to get."
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Widows 7?
by andy_js on Fri 24th Apr 2009 21:03 UTC
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Widows 7?

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RE: Widows 7?
by fretinator on Fri 24th Apr 2009 21:07 in reply to "Widows 7?"
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It's part of their new slogan, "Life Without Wills"

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My short Mini-Review/Opinion piece
by kragil on Sun 26th Apr 2009 13:15 in reply to "Widows 7?"
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Windows 7 ( Microsoft Windows Version 6.1 )

I installed it and all my hardware was working except sound but Windows grabbed a driver own its on via update.
Out of the box it had a average web browser and a media player that now supports DivX, but not Xvid or any other popular "open" formats.
I installed Firefox played with the new taskbar, which is quite nice although I really dislike that you cannot make it smaller. I hate autohiding, so this is small screen nogo for me.(Netbooks etc.)
Resource usage is acceptable, although not great. Windows 7 is far from being a lean system.
For some websites I had to install the latest Flash player also. I like widgets, but I don't like these widgets, because they are too basic. Just 2 sizes? Akward positioning etc.
I stopped my test when it asked me to install Acrobat Reader for viewing a PDF file. That is when I came to the conclusion, that transforming it into a usable system would require me to search, download and install numerous programs and tweaks.(Not _my_ cup of tea. Not anymore.)

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Tomasz Dominikowski Member since:

If you don't like that the taskbar is taking so much space, just move it to the left or right vertical placement. That way you lose less space on a typical netbook screen.

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You CAN make the taskbar smaller, it's what I do on my netbook. Right click taskbar, properties, check "Use small icons".

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to find that out.

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...although I really dislike that you cannot make it smaller.

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