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Windows It's something lots of people here on OSNews have been waiting for. It's something we've talked about, something we've theorised about, and something we've declared as the future for Windows' backwards compatibility - and now it's here, and official. Over a month ago, Microsoft bloggers Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have been briefed by Microsoft on a technology for Windows 7 called Windows XP Mode. Available as a free download for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate users, it's a fully integrated and licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 in a VirtualPC-based environment, with full "coherence" support. In other words, it's Microsoft's variant of Apple's Classic environment, and it's coming to Windows 7, for free. Near-instant update: The Windows 7 RC will indeed be available publicly on May 5. TechNet/MSDN will get it April 30.
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RE: Malware
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 25th Apr 2009 00:02 UTC in reply to "Malware"
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Can it still be infected using classic techniques? If it is a VM then it is a yes.

I'm sure it will run in a sandbox, so you're pretty safe.

Also will it get updates beyond xpsp3 end date. I mean will it be supported with security updates for the life of win7. It might be xpsp3 but this is a new product with new packaging.

Well, hopefully, patches for the virtual Windows XP will just make their way onto your machine via Windows 7's update panel. It'd be pretty braindead (but oh-so--typically-Microsoft) if you had to use the virtual XP's Windows Update.

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RE[2]: Malware
by kragil on Sat 25th Apr 2009 14:31 in reply to "RE: Malware"
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It might be easy, but it sure will be unsecure.
Of course will all XPM apps have access to your personal files. That is what users want. And MS will do just that. Security does not matter.

VirtualBox gives you the same thing for free on nearly every OS.

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RE[3]: Malware
by raboof on Sun 26th Apr 2009 11:17 in reply to "RE[2]: Malware"
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VirtualBox gives you the same thing for free on nearly every OS.

Well, technically, wouldn't VirtualBox give you the same thing for the price of a Windows XP license (are these still available? what do they cost?)? Or don't you need a license to use Windows XP if it's virtual with a Vista host?

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