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Editorial Last week, Apple again repeated its claim that the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of filling the netbook niche. They also claimed that netbooks can barely be called personal computers. Both of these statements are complete and utter nonsense, but instead of writing down some high-level definition of what a netbook is, I decided to simply write down all the things I do with my netbook that the iPhone/iPod Touch cannot do to make the difference between the two that much more tangible.
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RE: Thom is still wrong.
by fretinator on Mon 27th Apr 2009 21:34 UTC in reply to "Thom is still wrong."
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My iPod Touch is an amazing netbook. It is really portable - I can take internet and email access with me in my pocket. Great battery life. Tons of cool applications custom made for a real netbook experience. Watch movies. Organize photos. Play music. Write to do lists. Get directions. Play games. Jotting down notes. etc, etc..

That's it, I've had it. Would everyone quit redefining words. A netbook is a FORM FACTOR. It is similar to a notebook (thus the name), but it is smaller, lighter, cheaper - easy to take to class and take notes. You can type relatively well on them, but not as easily as good desktop or laptop.

I also have a PDA phone. I can check email (IMAP for Yahoo and Gmail). I can remotely control my desktops from my phone. I can SSH with it. But it is not a netbook, because it is a different FORM FACTOR. Hello?

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RE[2]: Thom is still wrong.
by NathanHill on Tue 28th Apr 2009 00:16 in reply to "RE: Thom is still wrong."
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I agree if it is just a form factor, but who really cares about form factors?

Netbooks are most often being identified by what they do. Those little laptops that are called netbooks do qualify - they are intended to be ultra portable machines for doing some internet work, note taking or whatever. In that sense, an iPod Touch is a netbook.. and a pretty awesome one at that.

That's my point.

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