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Editorial Last week, Apple again repeated its claim that the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of filling the netbook niche. They also claimed that netbooks can barely be called personal computers. Both of these statements are complete and utter nonsense, but instead of writing down some high-level definition of what a netbook is, I decided to simply write down all the things I do with my netbook that the iPhone/iPod Touch cannot do to make the difference between the two that much more tangible.
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by phoenix on Mon 27th Apr 2009 22:20 UTC in reply to "..."
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If you need to replace the HD or other hardware from your netbook, or change the OS, or anything, then you don't need a netbook, you need a laptop. Netbooks are cheap and disposable machines witch goal is to cover basic tasks and it will last at least a couple of years or less.

The problem is that people want to treat netbooks as laptos, and that is wrong.

So, when the internal SSD wears out, you expect people to replace the whole machine? When they want to add more storage to their palmtop, you want them to replace the whole machine? When they want to replace a dead wireless NIC, you want them to replace the whole machine?

No, palmtops are not full-fledged laptops (ever tried using a 7" model on your lap? works better held in one hand). But they most certainly are full-fledged computers, and can be used like one.

Palmtops are still over $250 US, they most certainly are not "disposable". Maybe when they reach <$100 US, then we can treat them as "disposable".

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