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Legal "It's possible to use Apple's iPods and iPhone with third-party software, and BluWiki's users wanted to make sure the world could find out how. Apple, however, was not fond of the situation and threatened BluWiki with legal action if the information was not removed. Now, BluWiki's operators are suing Apple in hopes of protecting the free speech of their users and getting a declaratory judgment that posting information does not violate the DMCA."
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RE: Enough is enough....
by tyrione on Wed 29th Apr 2009 00:53 UTC in reply to "Enough is enough...."
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What a brain dead analogy. This is about the entire iPhone structure with iTunes and much, much more that deals with the distribution of all content via iTunes for the iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone and AppleTV platforms.

Apple wins this one.

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RE[2]: Enough is enough....
by Mystif on Thu 30th Apr 2009 16:03 in reply to "RE: Enough is enough...."
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I am sorry, the car analogy is quite appropriate.

If Apple made cars and you bought one you would be able to:
=> Drive on any road and stop anywhere you like - the Internet.
=> Use whatever tires fit, and to paint it as you like - protective covers and accessories.
=> Play any CD you like as long as it is a confirmed store bought original.

You would NOT:
=> Be allowed to listen to any radio stations not approved by Apple.
=> When you place the store bought original CD in the player the songs will be read and stored. The CD will be destroyed, but as an eco-friendly gesture they found a way to burn it cleanly in the engine.
=> Make repairs - the hood would be locked with a key you would not receive. Attempting to even open the hood puts you at risk, but God help you did and then wrote about what you saw.
=> If Apple makes a GPS for your car you can have that GPS. You would prefer or maybe even already own a Garmin or TomTom? Too BAD! Try to use a non-Apple GPS and the next time your car's computers get updated it will simply cease to function.

That is Apple's brand of freedom. I disagree with it.

Not one of my vehicles has ever stayed "Original." My current one came without keyless entry, it has it now - manufacturer version to boot! The information on how to program the first remote without taking the car to the dealer can be found on the Internet. The person(s) who posted this information have never been threatened with lawsuits.

My Cell phones are the same. My Treo 650 (recently retired) can use up to 8GB SDHC memory. It was manufactured to use a max of 1GB non-HC. My current phone is an HTC 8525 - don't get me started, the list is a long one. Suffice it say, that if I did to an iPhone what I have done to my HTC Apple would be seeking the death penalty in my case, and I am hardly alone.

I will NEVER own any Apple phone as long as Apple continues to have a desire to not only keep a choke hold on the product but on information about the product as well.

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