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Windows Along with the release of the Windows 7 release candidate came new system requirements for Microsoft's next operating system. This updated set of requirements has been declared final, making them the official system requirements for Windows 7 final. Seeing Microsoft's rather... Dubious past dealings with minimum system requirements, let's take a look at Windows 7's.
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Arch linux with KDE
memory used after boot: 90MB (it can go down to ~78MB)

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Arch linux with KDE
memory used after boot: 90MB (it can go down to ~78MB)

The default install of Debian 4.0 and GNOME 2 needed less than 70 megs without extra apps running. I myself have used Debian with Compiz on 500 MHz Athlon K6 and GeForce 2 MX and it run fairly well though not with maximum FPS, of course.

I’d like to know how you managed to get it to < 100MB. I haven’t removed any services yet, but I nLite’d the disc, and then emptied every process I could out of the startup. I disabled WinUpdate and every process I could. (It boots with only 17 processes).

Solution: don't install the graphics drivers. My installation of XP SP3 with 17 processes ate about 85 megs too, until I installed nVidia display drivers. It added 20 megs rightaway.

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