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Legal It's been relatively quiet around the whole Psystar case lately. The case is supposedly going to trial somewhere in November of this year, and the two opposing parties are probably preparing their cases. We've finally got some news on this front, as Apple is accusing Psystar of withholding financial information. Apple made its accusations in a partly censored letter to judge William Alsup.
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RE: Who is behind the curtain?
by alcibiades on Sun 3rd May 2009 08:40 UTC in reply to "Who is behind the curtain?"
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Even if MS were behind Psystar, who cares? It would not make the business any less legitimate. As for the idea that 'shadowy forces' are out to damage Apple by funding a test case of selling OSX on non-Apple branded hardware?

Maybe they are. Happens all the time, its how companies behave in a competitive environment. One company has a model which allows it to make some profits, by taking advantage of a combination of what it thinks the law is, and its product assets. Another thinks it can attack this on the basis that the interpretation of the law is mistaken.

So it has a go, or funds someone to have a go. This is all perfectly normal, the way business is conducted, and its perfectly legitimate. If Apple does not like it, it needs to stop relying on dubious use of EULAs.

As the Apple people say all the time, if you don't like the conditions, don't buy Macs.

Maybe. And if you, Apple, don't like what people can legally do with what you sell, don't sell it.

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