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Internet Explorer The internet has been abuzz the entire weekend about Microsoft supposedly forcing Internet Explorer 8 to be the default browser once you upgraded to it. Users reported that upon installing IE8, Microsoft's latest browser was automatically made the default one, without a notification. However, as it turns out, it's all been a bit overhyped.
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they'll bash microsoft for anything
by cchance on Mon 4th May 2009 17:31 UTC
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i mean come the f*ck on they don't even auto select the express setting, and im sorry if your installing IE8 the express option is for it to take care of everything and register itself as the default browser... last time i checked that was the default action most browsers took...

and umm... the apple slipping safari via a hidden update was NOT the same, this is a downloaded update to IE8 done purposefully for software already installed or downloaded directly... it's not a pc with no internet explorer magically having one downloaded in the background and installed and popping onto our desktops

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Why do I have to "customize" settings of a product I don't plan to use just to *not* use it?

This is a usability problem. Anybody who was forced to install IE8 (e.g. caused by software dependency or general Windows update) will just think "No I don't want to customize, I use Firefox" without reading through.

Everybody knows that users don't read [1]. It is perfectly acceptable for them to skip the custom settings based on the (wrong) assumption that they will only affect IE itself.

I won't cry on MS for this, but OSNews normally is very fond of usability and stuff, so I hope you give it a thought.


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