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Oracle and SUN "Oracle's acquisition of Sun raised a lot of questions about the future of Sun's core technologies. Oracle says that it is committed to Solaris and Java, but some open source advocates are concerned about the implications for and MySQL. Ars looks at how Oracle and members of the open source software community have responded to the acquisition."
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They know what they bought
by acobar on Mon 4th May 2009 20:34 UTC
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Seriously, it is not a walk-in-the-shopping-buy-something thing. They are a bit quite, of course, they have to. Oracle will spend time scrutinizing every detail they can before making a decision with as low noise as possible. That is the correct way to protect your investment. What they think is valuable will be improved or swallowed by Oracle products, some Sun products will disappear, probably through a "upgrade" plan. The last case is what, I think, will happen to MySQL.

OpenOffice is a foot-in-the-door not only for Oracle, but also for IBM, Novell, RedHat and the other big server/service vendors. Probably its development will speed up. Oracle needs it not only to extend its presence on business, but also to have a coast-to-coast solution. Hope a OOo foundation be created. Anyway, I expect a more tight integration of Java-OpenOffice-OracleDB to come now that they have them all.

Java will probably be revamped to counter Microsoft .net . Hopefully Oracle, IBM and the open source community may agree over a direction.

Solaris is a great product and many people say it is a wonderful partner for Oracle main products. They will probably keep improving it to see how things work out.

The hardware division will be aligned to deploy more and more x86 pieces. It worked for Dell, HP and IBM, will work for them too. I am worried about SPARC and Niagara technology though.

Wish good luck to all good Sun folks on the current troubled waters.

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RE: They know what they bought
by acobar on Mon 4th May 2009 21:00 in reply to "They know what they bought"
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I mean "quiet" on 1st paragraph. Gosh!

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