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Internet Explorer The internet has been abuzz the entire weekend about Microsoft supposedly forcing Internet Explorer 8 to be the default browser once you upgraded to it. Users reported that upon installing IE8, Microsoft's latest browser was automatically made the default one, without a notification. However, as it turns out, it's all been a bit overhyped.
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I downloaded & installed the recent Vista updates, which included Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. I was never even presented with a dialog box to choose settings, etc., and my Firefox 3.0.10 browser keeps opening as my default browser just like always. I will say that I only use IE when I absolutely have to, which is mostly when dealing directly with Microsoft.

That would be acceptable given the circumstances.

If someone has Windows, then some Windows software will use the installed IE browser functionality regardless of what one has selected for the default browser.

As poor as IE8 standards compliance is, at something like only 21% score on acid 3 tests for current web standards, it is nevertheless still vastly better than IE6 or IE7.

Therefore, I would encourage people on Windows to install and use a more compliant and performant browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox, and set that to be the default, but nevertheless to update to IE8 as well, as that would also without doubt be an improvement over keeping IE6 or IE7 installed on their system.

If, during the update process, IE8 sets itself as the default browser, then simply start the non-IE browser of choice and re-set that to be the default.

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