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FreeBSD Last week it was BSD week: OpenBSD 4.5, NetBSD 5.0, and DragonFlyBSD 2.2.1. FreeBSD 7.2 completes the picture, with every major BSD now having a new and fresh release waiting to be installed on your desktop, laptop, or server.
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- a good virtualization solution (QEMU is not an option) like VirtualBox (this is my personal choice over VMWare, which I consider to be a kind of bloatware now)

Like so?

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Yes. It's interesting news, but please note, that it's still in development phase. On my Slackware box I have working version of VirtualBox, stable one, same on my MS Windows workstation. In case of FreeBSD we still have development works, moreover, these works are done by developers (respect to them) in their spare time. So we will have to wait some more time. During that time I'll not come back to FreeBSD on my desktop for sure. I'll rather stuck with Slackware for some more time (actually I'm doing this all the time since I discovered Slackware back in the 90s. This is my best GNU/Linux distro in fact).

Please see this statements cited from the URL presented in your reply:

Even though the basic functions are working there are still a lot of
things to do and we do not recommend to use it on production machines.
Furthermore Sun does not officially support FreeBSD yet. This is a
port done by developers in their free time.
However if you are a developer or want to test it you can checkout the latest code and build
VirtualBox yourself. A list of working and unimplemented features and
known bugs is below.

- Software virtualization
- The VirtualBox QT4 frontend
- Sound through OSS
- NAT networking

Not implemented:
- Bridged and host only networking (the required kernel drivers are
- Installer
- OpenGL support
- Host CD/DVD access
- Host serial support
- things I forgot ;)

So, it's still far behind MS Windows or GNU/Linux but there is a big progress and there is a hope I'll use FreeBSD once again (not on a server but as a main OS for development and usual work). Of course, once again, BIG respect for developers spending their freetime on this project. It's VERY important in my opinion to have VirtualBox on FreeBSD - and we are another step closer to have native, stable port of this great virtualization solution.

So, I'll watch the progress and wait.

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