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Internet Explorer The internet has been abuzz the entire weekend about Microsoft supposedly forcing Internet Explorer 8 to be the default browser once you upgraded to it. Users reported that upon installing IE8, Microsoft's latest browser was automatically made the default one, without a notification. However, as it turns out, it's all been a bit overhyped.
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Ford Prefect
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Why do I have to "customize" settings of a product I don't plan to use just to *not* use it?

This is a usability problem. Anybody who was forced to install IE8 (e.g. caused by software dependency or general Windows update) will just think "No I don't want to customize, I use Firefox" without reading through.

Everybody knows that users don't read [1]. It is perfectly acceptable for them to skip the custom settings based on the (wrong) assumption that they will only affect IE itself.

I won't cry on MS for this, but OSNews normally is very fond of usability and stuff, so I hope you give it a thought.


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