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Windows Along with the release of the Windows 7 release candidate came new system requirements for Microsoft's next operating system. This updated set of requirements has been declared final, making them the official system requirements for Windows 7 final. Seeing Microsoft's rather... Dubious past dealings with minimum system requirements, let's take a look at Windows 7's.
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"Other modern OS's run very nice with that amount,

Ubuntu on 512MB? Or worse yet, Mac OS X on 512MB?

Kubuntu 8.10, with KDE 4.2.2 installed, runs just fine on an Asus eeePC 701 (900 MHz Celeron, 512 MB RAM, no swap, 4 GB disk). Including and Firefox 3. This is my media jukebox (Amarok 2) and school work computer.

I've also run Xubuntu 8.04 with XFce 4.x on a P3 450 MHz laptop with 256 MB RAM. Didn't have OpenOffice installed as it was our media centre (video-out to the TV), but it did run Firefox 2.x just fine, along with Kaffeine for watching video, streamed over a wifi connection using smb4k.

You must have pretty low standards.

You must have extremely high standards. ;)

So, to say "other modern OS's run very nice"on 512MB is simply not true. It requires lots of work (Linux) or it's impossible (Mac OS X).

And that's a bald-faced lie, to say the least. ;)

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