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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Many Linux users have experience with Wine, the application compatibility layer which allows some Windows programs to run on UNIX-like machines. During Ubuntu's Open Week event, Mark Shuttleworth was asked about Wine, and how important he believes it is for the success of Ubuntu.
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Point of Sale
by gfacer on Tue 5th May 2009 22:36 UTC
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I have made a habit of testing my point of sale software at work under wine when I install a new is now, maybe (need to test), fully running under wine.

If so, it probably rocks anything currently in the open source world and is reasonably priced w. great developers too.

And, it is the only truly critical app we need here. As it is I run from whatever I have available on a terminal session (xp) anyways, but I now have the option of just running linux....maybe serving up the windows app through an x server....though that is way out of my depth.

That is Wine's strength, allowing linux to make the "last mile" on desktops that otherwise would be windows.

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RE: Point of Sale - could go Citrix
by jabbotts on Wed 6th May 2009 16:51 in reply to "Point of Sale"
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You could go Citrix or a similar App virtualization host. You'd have to see if low cost workstations justify the high cost of a central app server but it may be an option. There are some other app hosting packages available out there also.

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