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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Many Linux users have experience with Wine, the application compatibility layer which allows some Windows programs to run on UNIX-like machines. During Ubuntu's Open Week event, Mark Shuttleworth was asked about Wine, and how important he believes it is for the success of Ubuntu.
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Windows Movie maker is ABSOLUTELY NOT a good piece of software, and that was kinda my point. I decided to use it for two reasons: there's nothing even close to that in my Ubuntu repositories, and two: I get it without hassles (unlike Premier or something like that).

I have tried a few video editing application under Linux and they just don't cut it. They are very hard to use and I don't "get them". It is hard to work in them.

Windows Movie player is not as good as, for example, Adobe Premier but it works.

Creating this movie only took a few minutes:

I just wanted to cut a very long scene (cut away the parts where I die), add some text on each kill, add a background song, and have text before and after the clip. That's it. In Windows Movie Maker you don't need to "learn" it, it is sooo simple.

When I try stuff like Kino, Pitivi or Avidemux I can't get the job done for two reasons: either it's too complex and the interface sucks, or they can't read my files.

Sorry, but I wished it was sarcasm. I promise you that some day it will be, though. I have total faith in Linux and it's progress. I remember just a couple of years ago when I had problems with most drivers and almost all configuration was done in the console. Give it a few years and we'll have everything regarding multimedia too! ;)

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either it's too complex and the interface sucks, or they can't read my files.

Sound like a flamebait but I bite. Using only pitivi, the interface is intuitive enough to use with drag-nn-drop and separating contents (audio/video). Failing to mention what kind of files are used just does not cut.

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Then try Kdenlive. Seems to be quite user-friendly.

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