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Apple Normally, this isn't something you'd find on the front page of OSNews, but the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail going into this project is just mind blowing. In fact, it's so mind blowing that many Apple rumour websites posted this as a possible shot of an upcoming Apple netbook. Well, yeah, if Apple started making laptops out of wood...
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Page 2 fodder?
by Flent on Wed 6th May 2009 23:43 UTC
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While of passing interest (pretty!) isn't this fairly page 2 in nature?

I know Thom has previously pointed out that:
A. Page 1, page 2, what's the difference? Cope with it.
B. Page 1 have longer 'Read More' sections, Page 2 don't.


A. If that's the attitude of even the editing team, then what's the point at all?
B. We're left with the crazy situation where long interesting and OS related articles are dropped on page 2 with short descriptions, or the situation with Kroc last week adding some tangential musings to an article on OS adoption just to push it to page 1.

Back on topic, it's smacking a little of schadenfreude for Thom to mock the apple rumour community *after* cult of mac revealed the full story - where was the insightful, critical analysis of the 'obviously fake' story before the reveal? Glass houses etc. ;)

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