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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Today, the new Star Trek film has seen its official premiere here in The Netherlands tonight, and in honour of that, I figured an article on about the possibility of faster-than-light travel would make a good fit on OSNews. The article is quite technical, so bear with me on this one. I hope I get everything right.
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Knowledge and fuel
by Sabon on Fri 8th May 2009 14:33 UTC
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Our current understand of Warp Drive is pretty much at the same stage as our understanding of airplanes and helicopters was in the 17 or 18 hundreds.

As that time (1800s and earlier) we thought about being able to fly but had no idea how to create an engine, or the fuel it would use, to propel something fast enough to fly. Plus we didn't know enough about airfoils either.

Only when several things came together, including how to control the airfoil on a wing, were humans finally able to create an airplane plus the engine that used a fuel with enough power to sustain flight.

We are still basically trying to use wood or coal fires to think about warp flight with no understand yet of what kind of actual "engine" or fuel we would need to build something to make warp drive possible.

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