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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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RE: The same as for every laptop
by Jon Dough on Sat 9th May 2009 14:35 UTC in reply to "The same as for every laptop"
Jon Dough
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The most annoying part on taking laptops with you is the adapter in the power cable. If they could build that into the laptop it would make the power cable less annoying when commuting or traveling.
If the build in adapter is smart enough it can automatically switch from 230V, 110V or 12V for example. In that case they could make to power cable such way it can fit in a sleeve with the laptop itself.

The issue here is component size, weight and heat, though technological advances in recent years have mitigated these problems to the point where it might be feasible on a high-end product such as this.

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darknexus Member since:

Is it physically possible at this point to make the power brick that small and still have it handle the demands of a high-powered laptop? I'm no expert in electricity, but looking at just about all laptops, they all have the power brick outside of the machine, typically midway through the cord. The only thing different about Apple's is that they've made theirs into a more squareish shape rather than the typical rectangular brick. These bricks typically need a decent area around them to radiate off the excess heat, ever have one covered up for a while and checked on how hot it gets? Now, add that heat to that which is already generated by the laptop, and I think it's probably a good idea to keep the power brick external. It's a bit of a pain, but I'd rather that than have a laptop that's in danger of constantly overheating.
Anyway... how did the topic of laptops come up again? The MacPro isn't a laptop... oh well, interesting discussion in any case.

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