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Intel Microsoft isn't the only company in the technology industry with a monopoly. Its partner in crime, Intel, has often been accused of monopoly abuse as well, and is currently under scrutiny by the same European Commission who fined Microsoft. Sources have told eWeek (which generally has a good track record) that Intel will indeed be found guilty this week of abusing its monopoly position to stifle the competition.
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Kaiwai, you may recall that under the administration immediately preceeding GWB's, the DOJ and 19 States (or however many) moved against Microsoft's abuses, meant it, and almost achieved their goals, until MS was saved by the bell, so to speak, when GWB seized power in 2001. That faction held said power for 8 years. You may also recall that all that has recently changed, in both the executive and legislative branches of our Federal Government. You cannot judge us accuractely based only upon the last 8 years. Sure, we're f--ked in a lot of ways. But we, as a nation, are not defined by the George W. Bush administration. Please keep that in mind as we move forward.

So Republicans are evil and Democrats are pure and without sin? come on mate - look at the large corporations who donate to Democrats; look at the companies who donate to Republicans. Its the same sort of nonsense there is in New Zealand with the two major political parties supported by big business; with these big businesses either going one or the other; or attempting to cover all their bases by donating to the two parties.

The US political system needs a major overhaul; if the last 100 years of zero reforms has shown anything, its the flawed execution of a noble idea (Republic, separation of powers etc) because the separation of powers means nothing more than years of buck passing with no one doing anything to get the country from point (A) to point (B).

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So Republicans are evil and Democrats are pure and without sin? come on mate -

Come on "mate" - don't put words in my mouth in an attempt to make a straw man argument in order to take the conversation off on your own preferred tangent.

I pointed out the very relevant, and not particularly distant, historically verifiable *fact* of the Clinton administration's DOJ's + 19 States' antitrust actions against Intel's business partner, Microsoft. Instead of addressing that, you are trying to turn this into a Republican vs Democrat free-for-all, and I refuse to play that game. The Obama administration is not the Bush administration. The current Congress also differs from those of the previous 8 years.

Again, the DOJ of the administration which preceeded the disastrous one of 2001-2008 demonstrably acted in a way more friendly to the causes of consumers, which was the statement of cautious optimism to which you objected in your post, which I replied to. Please address the *evidence* I have presented instead of changing the subject and speaking in fashionably cynical gereralities.

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