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Windows SuperFetch is a technology in Windows Vista and onwards that is often misunderstood. I decided to delve into this technology to see what it is all about, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding this feature.
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RE: super fetch and assumptions
by WereCatf on Mon 11th May 2009 22:43 UTC in reply to "super fetch and assumptions"
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As wonderful a feature as people make it sound like me neither would benefit much from SuperFetch. I have only 1GB RAM and whenever I am on the computer I am doing memory-heavy things on it like f.ex. programming, 3D modeling or gaming. There simply isn't any memory left to cache anything.

I was planning to try Win7 RC out soon, but I'll have to disable SuperFetch. It'll most likely just slow the performance down in my case instead of boosting it.

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stooovie Member since:

Well, you should seriously consider upgrading from 1 GB RAM in 2009, especially if you are into FX, 3D and games ;)

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