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Windows SuperFetch is a technology in Windows Vista and onwards that is often misunderstood. I decided to delve into this technology to see what it is all about, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding this feature.
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You are mistaken. Data cached by SuperFetch NEVER gets paged. Once cached SuperFetch memory is needed by something else, it's just "deleted", and that's it. It is NOT written back to the pagefile.

This is correct. A pre-loader is "speculative". It pre-guesses which data might be useful later, and during idle moments of the system the pre-loader loads such data into RAM which is spare at the time.

If the system actually needs that RAM for a real use, then the pre-loader's speculation was in vain, and the pre-loaded data is simply overwritten. It is treated as if that RAM was never allocated at all, and was still spare.

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