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RE[6]: How much do you need?
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 12th May 2009 21:48 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: How much do you need?"
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I guess what I'm trying to say is that putting 10.5.7 on the front page because Thom summarized the changes is dumb when you have so much more interesting content in page 2 that no one ever goes to.

Our figures beg to differ. Page 2 items aren't getting that many less pageviews than page 1 items. It used to be they got less, surely, when it was all new. But as time progresses, and people get used to page 2, the differences in page views start to disappear. Most of our readers come in via RSS anyway, and they don't even encounter the difference between 1/2.

The problem with the term "interesting" is that it's subjective, and a completely pointless characteristic. To a Mac user, the release of 10.5.7 is interesting and front-page worthy - for someone without a Mac, it is not, and they'd rather have it on page 2.

We decided to set a very simple divide: long vs. short. OSNews is an open site, so if you want certain items on the front page, feel free to help us out and submit long items! It's really that simple.

What the few people (trust me, you guys make up less than 0.1% of our readers) complaining about page 2 don't realise, is that OSNews is going through a transition, which we announced earlier:

We are transitioning from a single editor site to a multiple editor site. Our dream is to have multiple editors producing multiple long items every day.

I'm trying my very best to get as many different topics covered with long items, but sadly, I'm simply not knowledgeable enough to cover every subject in an in-depth fashion.

So, to prevent lots of stuff from not being covered, we made sure we could still publish "old style" short items, and we have done so in a way that they are STILL on the frontpage. To further improve things, I came up with the tabbed design we feature now, so that you can even have page 2 items in all their glory.

Our current setup is not "done", we are working towards a larger goal. I have a vision of where OSNews needs to go, and I've gotten all the team members' noses to point in the same direction. The changes we underwent since the start of this year have re-invigorated OSNews on almost every level - from number of visitors, to number of comments, to comment quality, to story quality, to number of items, and to actual site features.

Not everyone might see the progress we've made, but please bear with us. We are not just throwing things around or making arbitrary changes - it's all part of a very carefully crafted and thoroughly debated plan.

And we're ahead of schedule, and I'm proud of that.

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