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Mac OS X After a long gestation period, Apple has updated its Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system to version 10.5.7. This latest update comes packed with lots of bug fixes for several components of the Mac OS X operating system. Update: Various security updates for Tiger and Safari:Win were also released.
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RE[3]: update failed miserably
by kaiwai on Wed 13th May 2009 06:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: update failed miserably"
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Not using combos is not a "conventional wisdom" only FUD. My six Macs all update via deltas and I did not have any problems since 2002. If the system is in a good condition, delta updates work just fine.
Only if Apple decides to switch default rights for users between major versions of OS X (e.g. 10.3->10.4 or 10.4->10.5) you can run into trouble if you update. But this is not a delta vs combo issue.

It's amazing how I hammer on and on and on for people to install Combo's, they scream in my face, moderate my posts down, and send abusive posts to me - days later they install the combo update and all their problems seem to 'disappear'. Its conventional wisdom because if you spent at least 5 minutes to read some posts from some of the largest forums you might realise that this has been an on going recommendation for end users to do. But then again, you find it easier to stalk me and moderate my posts down.

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RE[4]: update failed miserably
by Alexco on Thu 14th May 2009 10:09 in reply to "RE[3]: update failed miserably"
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But then again, you find it easier to stalk me and moderate my posts down.

I do not stalk, but yes, I mod you down because of FUD.
If you temper with system files, frameworks or system directories you are in a good position for problems with delta updates. But if you put things where they belong, no delta will fail.
But since you are an Apple expert, you will know this....

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