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OSNews, Generic OSes As you may know, the global economic depression has hit the media hard, due in large part to the fact that ad rates are in the toilet. OSNews is in the same boat. Despite the fact that we still have good advertisers, our income from advertising this year will only be a fraction of what it was last year. We probably won't make enough to cover our costs. Other news sites, as they've seen revenue decrease, have responded with more, and more intrusive, advertising. We don' t want to do that. We feel we have a covenant with our readers. If you'll be respectful of our need to run ads, we'll be respectful of your need to read the site without having ads shoved down your throat. Please read on, for more discussion of our ad "covenant," and a plea for help, including a plea to all Adblock users to please unblock OSNews.
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I would prefer the option to donate (and use AdBlock) or to get a subscription (without ads).

In general, I find the adds non-interesting and definitely not worth following. I can count the number of times I have clicked on an add in the last decade on one hand. They do annoy me (sometimes), especially the expanding or animated kind.

... have been lurking on this site for years without posting a comment (or registering). I do not mind paying for OSNews, but rather not implicitly by watching adds.

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You do realize that most sites (including this one probably) bills on CPM basis instead of a CPC basis? Clicking on the ad is irrelevant. The ad loading is.

CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions
CPC = Cost Per Click

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