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Intel As was already revealed by eWeek earlier this week, the EU has imposed a massive fine on Intel for abusing its monopoly position. The fine is larger than the one given to Microsoft: 1.06 billion EUR, or 1.44 billion USD, opposed to the 899 million EUR fine imposed upon Microsoft.
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RE: Why just Intel - may not be company's decision
by jabbotts on Wed 13th May 2009 13:12 UTC in reply to "Why just Intel"
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If all your competition sells Intel machines at the deep OEM discount but you choose to sell AMD and Intel machines forgoing that deep OEM discount for not doing as Intel requests; your hooped. Your Intel machines sell at a higher cost or you take a noticeable smaller profit margin. Either way, your screwed compared to the other OEM vendors.

I don't think it's the company in cahoots with Intel so much as no company willing to take the risk of paying more for processors and chipsets than the other computer retailers.

Now, if there are companies that said "that's a great idea, I'd like to see only Intel chips available, let's do it!" - well, that company should be taken out behind the barn and buried beside Intel. But too many things run on Intel for it to go away without effecting the market and evidence of conspiracy with OEM vendors may be hard to come by.

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