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Mozilla & Gecko clones Tabbed browsing is pretty much the norm by now, with even someone like me (who disliked it vehemently for a long time) finally giving in and start using tabbed browsing (thanks to Chrome, by the way). Well, apparently, Mozilla thinks its time to move on. They believe tabbed browsing has become obsolete, and are asking users to come up with a better alternative.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 19th May 2009 09:51 UTC
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Oh my gods, there are actually *Opera* advocates? You mean that browser which doesn't even have an update feature, but requires a complete re-install at EVERY frakking security update?

And people are advocating that nonsense?

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RE: Uhm
by Glynser on Tue 19th May 2009 10:33 in reply to "Uhm"
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At least better than Firefox, that browser who forces update on restart ;)

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RE[2]: Uhm
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 19th May 2009 10:39 in reply to "RE: Uhm"
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At least better than Firefox, that browser who forces update on restart

It's demonstrably NOT better.

This means that Opera users are generally less secure - browser-wise - than users of Firefox and Chrome. Opera's lack of an updating mechanism is simply BRAINDEAD and INEXCUSABLE.

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RE[2]: Uhm
by ephracis on Tue 19th May 2009 10:58 in reply to "RE: Uhm"
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When the results of badly updated software around the Internet is more spam in my inbox I am all for forcing users to upgrade their software.

Just let people who have a clue turn the feature off, and leave it on as standard of Average Joe who doesn't even know why he should care about updates.

Forced automatic updates by default is a must!

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RE[2]: Uhm
by asmoore82 on Tue 19th May 2009 20:16 in reply to "RE: Uhm"
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At least better than Firefox, that browser who forces update on restart ;)

A bit of a belly ache crying wolf there:

If on Windows, go to "Tools->Options->Advanced->Update"
If on Linux, you have Proper package management: don't worry, be happy
If on Mac, what are you waiting for? switch to Linux already and get a real Unix Desktop.

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RE: Uhm
by Dave_K on Tue 19th May 2009 11:21 in reply to "Uhm"
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The lack of automatic updates is definitely a flaw in Opera 9, that's why this feature has been added to Opera 10. But while this is a problem for people who don't understand the importance of updates, I don't see why occasional manual updates should be a deal breaker for more experienced users.

It's something that takes a few minutes, once every few months, which hardly compares with issues of efficient day to day browsing. I'm not going to suffer a slower, less stable browser with a vastly inferior interface (IMO obviously) just because of the minor inconvenience when an update is released.

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