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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu When Dell announced a shift in its Linux strategy last week, accompanied by a new netbook, many wondered why Dell insisted on pre-loading Ubuntu 8.04, instead of newer versions of the popular Linux distribution such as 8.10 or 9.04. BetaNews contacted Dell about it, and Dell replied explaining their rationale behind opting for 8.04.
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Vista Home Premium will have security fixes at least until 2012, Business until 2017. Ubuntu 8.04? Little less than 2 more years. And then what?

Um, upgrade to 10.04 LTS "Lavish Lemur" for free? True, we won't get the privilege of Paying Big Bucks for Vista SP2 (also known as Windows 7). Or buying that new 4 GHz Intel OctoCore Multi-Microthread in dual processor configuration to get performance almost as good as with XP. Or wondering almost up to release date when the freaking release date will actually be.

But I think we'll survive. Somehow.

("At least" is the key word in your post, IMHO. Microsoft has killed and resurrected XP so many times it's ready for a starring role in Thriller. How do you plan a business around such instability?)

And yes, I'm poking gratuitous fun at Microsoft - though only because they've provided such a huge target these past few years. It's good that they resurrected XP when Vista was too bloated to run on Netbooks, and Windows 7 looks to be somewhat less of a resource hog than Vista - though nowhere as slim as XP or (!) Linux, of course.

My main point is that Canonical has been very methodical in release scheduling and incremental improvements, and that's a business feature that Microsoft has sorely lacked. A complaint that Canonical provides "only" 3 and 5 years of support, consistent as the sunrise, while Microsoft is all over the freaking map, is not a winning argument from a business perspective.

(As an aside, you're also incorrect on support periods. 8.04 LTS Server is supported for 4 more years, not 2. Unlike Microsoft products, it's trivial to calculate - just add 3 years to the version number for desktop and 5 years for server. Voila.)

Just my $0.02.

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