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Hardware, Embedded Systems Few hardware vendors have not yet launched their own mini laptop (or, "netbook"). Most brands these days produce their own version of the same hardware, with Intel's i386-compatible Atom cpu's and Windows XP installed on a spinning hard drive or sometimes still a solid state disk. Some Linux models are still sold by some vendors, among whom Asus, which more or less started selling in this OLPC-inspired genre of laptops.
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RE[2]: netbsd
by broken_symlink on Thu 21st May 2009 13:08 UTC in reply to "RE: netbsd"
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I think it has to do with endianness. I used to run netbsd on a hpcmips and cobalt raq and they were pretty much binary compatible ports, because they both ran in little endian mode. But from as far as I know not every mips system runs little endian. I think some of the SGI systems run big endian.

I think the port of netbsd to the loongson can only help to improve the quality of the other mipsel netbsd ports. For one thing it would give us another system that we could use to run pkgsrc on to compile packages for the other slower systems.

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