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Mac OS X Six months ago, a certain security flaw in Java was fixed by Sun. This flaw was present in OpenJDK, GIJ, icedtea and Sun's JRE, but it got fixed in those. There's one important shipping Java implementation that still has not been fixed to remove this security flaw: Apple's Java.
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Actually there are some things people forget when they discuss about Java in Mac OS X.

Mac OS X is the only major consumer-oriented operating system that still ships with Java installed by default. That decision was taken at the end of the nineties. At that era every one though Java would be the future.

However, most desktop applications do not use Java these days. It could be that Sun did not open source the thing before, or that they never focus on the desktop and only on the Enterprise. Or that Java suffered so much on the performance land that people decided to code in something else.

Anyway, these days, the major Apps Java made I can think of are NetBeans, JDeveloper, IntelliJ, Eclipse... There are very few customer apps made in Java these days if you not consider enterprise.

And since Apple is not focused on the enterprise, I believe they are focusing on other things more important, like Snow Leopard and ITouch.

The problem, however, is not Java per se, in my opinion. The problem is the way browsers work (Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.).

This time is Java, but we have seen the same security threats from Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Javascript and every single thing that can be made plugin and used on a web page. And somehow all Operating systems could get compromised. At this time, the flaw is patch, but non patched systems are all affected no matter the OS.

I do not understand how all browsers trust so much on everything they find on the web and give rights to execute whatever they like. I really hope Chrome fixes that. It is just so wrong.

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