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Databases Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister questions the effect recent developments in the MySQL community will have on MySQL's future in the wake of Oracle's acquisition of Sun. Even before Oracle announced its buyout, there were signs of strain within the MySQL community, with key MySQL employees exiting and forks of the MySQL codebase arising, including Widenius' MariaDB.
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RE[3]: not an expert
by kaiwai on Fri 22nd May 2009 04:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: not an expert"
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I agree, similar situation with Apache httpd IMO.

MySQL has the mind-share and customer base weighing in its favour. When a new project is started MySQL is chosen usually because it is the first thing that comes to mind and there's a lot of success stories surrounding it(especially the "next big thing" "garage to riches" "web 2.0" start-ups all blogging about what they achieved with it).

In the Mac world there is also a fixation around Filemaker which always leaves me confused; having be a bit of contrarian when it comes to software I tend to look at alternatives to the mainstream - many times finding the under used and undermarketed as being superior. 4th Dimension being one example on the Mac which, once setup, left many of my former clients surprised at firstly how easy it is to use, maintain, update and the speed is awesome.

As much as I blamed marketing in the previous posts, on reflection I think it is prejudice and bias that also inhibit good ideas making their way into the mainstream of information technology.

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