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Databases Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister questions the effect recent developments in the MySQL community will have on MySQL's future in the wake of Oracle's acquisition of Sun. Even before Oracle announced its buyout, there were signs of strain within the MySQL community, with key MySQL employees exiting and forks of the MySQL codebase arising, including Widenius' MariaDB.
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RE: Does oracle care?
by sorpigal on Fri 22nd May 2009 11:10 UTC in reply to "Does oracle care?"
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Oracle is a database company, primarily. They think of themselves this way. They want to own the DB market. And, from the high end, they mostly do; ask anyone what the best DB is and he'll say Oracle automatically, unless he is an actual DBA and knows the merits of the various DBs. The one segment of the market where Oracle isn't an automatic choice for most people is the low end. By 'owning' the Mysql brand they are now in a position to go directly to their Mysql customers and sell them an 'upgrade' to their own DB product. This kind of targeted marketing opportunity has dollar signs written all over it.

But no, I doubt Oracle cares about Mysql as such.

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RE[2]: Does oracle care?
by Lennie on Sat 23rd May 2009 10:28 in reply to "RE: Does oracle care?"
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I wouldn't be so sure, Oracle wanted MySQL in the past.

When SAP said they were moving to MySQL, Oracle wanted to buy MySQL immediately. But they couldn't at the time and bought Innodb, the then current storage engine of MySQL which MySQL was licensing. Then MySQL said they would create a new storage engine them selfs. I stopped following MySQL after that, but I think they did build it. And now, I'm not sure what SAP is using, but Oracle does have MySQL.

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