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OSNews, Generic OSes Over the years, we've occasionally run an "Ask OSNews" feature, wherein a reader asks us a question and we answer it publicly. Lately I've really been enjoying Slate's Dear Prudence advice column and the ever-interesting Straight Dope, and I thought we should see if we can get more OSNews readers to submit questions, and turn Ask OSNews into a more-regular thing. If your question falls outside of our domain expertise, we'll try to track down an expert to help out. And of course, our responses will always be supplemented by further advice from OSNews readers in the comments. Questions are welcome on any topic ranging from OSes and computing to science and geek culture. Contact us with your questions. (Please include "Ask OSNews" in the subject). Today's question is from a young student in Hungary who's seduced by the faraway siren song of Apple's marketing and wonders, "should I switch?"
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RE: Dear osnews...
by Adam S on Tue 26th May 2009 12:58 UTC in reply to "Dear osnews..."
Adam S
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Your post, translated:

Dear reader: it suits my agenda better for you to struggle with the change, so even though you'd likely be more productive and spend more money up front, I'd prefer to inconvenience you, mostly because I disagree with Microsoft's politics. You will get a better system of out of this, therefore, I feel comfortable recommending something based more on what's good for everyone else rather than what works best for you.

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RE[2]: Dear osnews...
by darknexus on Tue 26th May 2009 13:14 in reply to "RE: Dear osnews..."
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What, exactly, was the point of that except to start a flamewar? I would have expected better from someone on the osnews staff.
My question, fyi, was an honest one. Everywhere I turn, everyone says stick to the familiar... never mind, though, that it may not be the right choice for the person in question in the long run. The comfort zone is not always best, that's just a fact of life.
Hat's off to an osnews staff member, for attempting to turn an honest question into a flamewar... just so you know, it won't help your ad revinue from me to do so... I have adblock plus enabled for all sites.

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RE[3]: Dear osnews...
by Adam S on Tue 26th May 2009 13:21 in reply to "RE[2]: Dear osnews..."
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Oh for f*&%'s sake, don't get your panties in a twist, it was a joke. Your entire argument can be safely summed up as "it's more important to serve a greater purpose than it is for you to buy what works for you." In my book, that's the worst possible advice and exactly the type of thing we discourage here: zealot-type behavior. You're putting the needs of others ahead of the needs of your end user.

It's so manipulative to suggest that I can't comment honestly on a post simply because I'm on staff. Try to remember that online, there's no tone or context, so before you go picking a fight, remember, not everything was meant aggressively. Just because someone calls you on your post doesn't mean it's a flamewar.

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