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Windows The geek world might be all over Windows 7, and the rest of the world might be sticking to Windows XP for now, but there is also this Windows Vista operating system lingering around. Microsoft has just released the final version of the second service pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
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I completely agree with you. All languages should be released at the same time. Waiting months for smaller language bases to be released means all those machines are vulnerable to anything that was fixed in SP2 that doesn't have it's own separate KB patch.

I haven't done much in other languages, but for those who have... is there really THAT much work that needs to go into a service pack release for another language. I figured 90% of what happens is updates of files with newer versions which means that language was already there/that language didn't need anything specific as it's just code

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So you're suggesting that if all computers can't be protected, NO COMPUTER should get protection.

Yes, localization really IS that much work. You're writing documentation, dialog boxes, error messages, legalese (especially legalese) for all of those languages. You have to make sure the switches and keyboard accelerators don't conflict with expected behavior in the other languages. And of course, MS probably has fewer people doing that for the smaller languages than they do for the big ones so it takes longer still.

That said, they probably will have the other languages out by the end of June.

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