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Mac OS X Getting Mac OS X up and running on a computer without an Apple label has always been a bit of a hassle. You needed customised Mac OS X disks, updates would ruin all your hard work, and there was lots of fiddling with EFI and the likes. Ever since the release of boot-132, this is no longer the case. Read on for how setting up a "Hack"intosh really is as easy as 1, 3, 2.
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RE[2]: No HT?
by Theodric on Tue 26th May 2009 22:44 UTC in reply to "RE: No HT?"
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I can confirm that HT works under OSX, on *an* Atom (N230) because that's what lives in my OSX-enabled Mini 9 netbook, a boot-132 vanilla install, and HT is running fine. It's more probable that there's some issue with both HT and dualcore + Atom, since the 330 has both of those features (check if you don't believe me), although I will note that the new Nehalem-based Mac Pros utilise HT to deliver 8- or 16-thread capability on single- and dual-quadcore systems.

It's a common issue with osx86 to have to set cpus=1 under certain chipsets/procs, so I'm guessing that OSX's SMP implementation simply isn't as universal as, say, Linux or Windows. And why would it have to be? After all, it only needs to run on Macs ;)

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RE[3]: No HT?
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 26th May 2009 22:50 in reply to "RE[2]: No HT?"
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Yes, you're right. I need to change the article to say HT on the Atom 330 *specifically* isn't supported (yet?).

Good catch, guys. Fixing.

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RE[4]: No HT?
by Vanders on Wed 27th May 2009 10:48 in reply to "RE[3]: No HT?"
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At an educated guess it's probably an ACPI issue that means OS X is not correctly detecting the number of cores, or is not correctly identifying them as HT cores.

Hardware wise the SMP stuff itself is pretty much universal across every SMP capable x86 since the original Pentium.

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