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Windows The geek world might be all over Windows 7, and the rest of the world might be sticking to Windows XP for now, but there is also this Windows Vista operating system lingering around. Microsoft has just released the final version of the second service pack for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
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There is kind of a logical reason for this.

Under Windows you are talking a closed source development model, so really you can only blame the hardware vendor or Microsoft for not having the drivers available. Most people blame Microsoft, because they are the giant and should have more control.

With Linux, it really is the Hardware Vendor that the fault lies upon, because if they don't make the driver themselves, they have the possibility of just releasing specs (whether under NDA or not) to someone in the Linux community and then the driver will be created.

When there is no available specs, then the driver has to be reverse engineered, which in many cases is pointless, because by the time the driver is in a usable state, the hardware itself is mostly obsolete.

I mostly agree though that the Hardware Vendors should be the ones to blame 75% of the time on Windows. The other 25% of the time it's because Microsoft has changed their driver model (like what happened when Win2k was released, as well as Vista).

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