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OSNews, Generic OSes Ask OSNews is apparently quite popular among you guys; the questions just keep on coming in. Since David took on the first two, we decided to let me handle this one - it's an area I've personally covered before on OSNews: file system layouts. One of our readers, a Linux veteran, studied the GoboLinux effort to introduce a new filesystem layout, and wondered: "Why not adopt the more sensible file system from GoboLinux as the new LSB standard?"
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I don't like different things in FHS
by asgard on Fri 29th May 2009 13:57 UTC
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I think FHS is actually pretty well designed for a general machine. There is no reason why _user_ should be able to get to the root of hierarchy in Linux, especially since there is a mount and symbolic links (of which SUBST and ASSIGN are stupid counterparts).

But I have two personal issues with FHS:

1. Configuration files (.*) in home directory; I would prefer something like ~/etc or even ~/.etc for this; but many applications rely on this.

2. Some third-party applications may have problems, if they don't use package manager. But this isn't really an FSB problem, as there should be standard API to all package managers which 3rd party apps could use (like InstallShield in Windows).

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Not FHS, but there exists the XDG Base Directory Specification, which addresses your point 1:

User-specific configuration files go in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME = ~/.config/ instead of cluttering ~/.?*.

It also specifies $XDG_DATA_HOME = ~/.local/share/, for data resources like user-specific menu entries, and $XDG_DATA_HOME = ~/.cache/.

As far as I've seen, the newer programs and toolkits using these XDG directories do a good job of keeping their stuff organized. For example, you can "rm -rf ~/.config/vlc ~/.local/share/vlc ~/.cache/vlc" with confidence that VLC doesn't have any junk lying elsewhere, and that you're not affecting any other programs.

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I'm a user and I want to use the file system. That is reason enough.

I also want to know how my tools are organized in my tool boxes. Got a problem with that too?

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