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OSNews, Generic OSes Ask OSNews is apparently quite popular among you guys; the questions just keep on coming in. Since David took on the first two, we decided to let me handle this one - it's an area I've personally covered before on OSNews: file system layouts. One of our readers, a Linux veteran, studied the GoboLinux effort to introduce a new filesystem layout, and wondered: "Why not adopt the more sensible file system from GoboLinux as the new LSB standard?"
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And why can't they agree on a single path and use that? Something like /System/Configuration/Network would be even better. The user should always know where to find the files.

Except for the Billions of folks who don't speak English.

If you must set out to find them, then
by definition you don't know where they are.

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"Except for the Billions of folks who don't speak English."

Oh, there's an easy solution to that - we could just have a framework for internationalizing those directories, like we do for the content directories standardized by fd.o within user home directories...

...excuse me, I have to go and vomit. ;)

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Nobody knows where the system files are when they first start using an OS. But having a logical and human-readable (that is, not geek-readable) file structure helps a lot in finding them.

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