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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks, netbooks. That's basicaly Computex in a nutshell. If you've seen one Atom-based netbook, you've seen them all, but luckily for us, NVIDIA is about to shake the world of netbooks up with a new Tegra chipset, the Tegra 650. Full high definition playback, battery life from outer space, and a processor that is always-on. Well, that's what NVIDIA promises, anyway. Twelve Tegra 650 devices were announced, with the first devices shipping before the end of the year - at USD 199 or less.
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by poundsmack on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 19:35 UTC in reply to "CE"
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i can't tell if your post was intended as sarcasm or not so i wil just go ahead and adress little bits of it.

Yes is has Win CE instead of linux: But, while not having as many apps, Win CE does have a ton of apps that suport ARM. Also, it is not that hard to get existing .NET aps to run on modern Win Ce implimentations (late veriosn 5, and current version 6).

Linux on arm: Linux on ARM is picking up speed as more distributions (and google's Android) are using ARM now and many many linux apps recompile with out much effort for these distributions.

I am not sure yet of the state of the linux hardware acceleration for Tegra, but I believe it's either released or nearly finished (it was close a little while ago, but i stopped paying attention).

Over all Nvidia did a great job with this platform, and it's capabilities are just short of amazing. can't wait till these devices are in production.

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RE[2]: CE
by Soulbender on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 07:49 in reply to "RE: CE"
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[Over all Nvidia did a great job with this platform, and it's capabilities are just short of amazing.

Wow, that would be a first.

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RE[2]: CE
by miro on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 15:53 in reply to "RE: CE"
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Wtf? Windows CE (and Mobile aka Pocket PC) only support the "Compact Framework". So let me assure you it is not *easy* to run anything .NET based from desktop on devices...

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