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GNU, GPL, Open Source Tim Butler knew when he mentioned something negative about the GNU Project's General Public License (GPL), in his column on KDE last week, he would inevitably be accused of arguing the GPL was a bad license. What did not fit into that piece shall now be dealt with: is the GPL a bad license or is the issue he complained about something else?
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RE[3]: Of course
by on Wed 13th Jul 2005 16:50 UTC

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> Right, if you want to write propritary closed
> source applications using QT then it's true. But
> then again if you look beyond the license only.
> Then you will see that at the end these companies
> are saving a lot of money too.

Anything wrong with that ?

> Ali agrees completely, except he says something at
> the end:
> This should be your own interest. It could be your
> IT seat that could be reduced one day, because of
> your extreme views that helps no one.
> Who's extreme views? He was obviously responding to
> rm6990, yet rm6990 didn't express his own point of
> view. Ali ASSUMED rm6990's position and based his
> argument on that. I pointed out a logical
> deficiency in Ali's arguments in d).

Extreme views as in continous bashing about TrollTechs licensing model. It's extreme and false to continue saying the same stuff on all kind of purpose. rm6990 and you kept replying on the last OSN article submited by Tim Buttler and people can go there reading the same stuff. And yet the same people impressingly jump on a similar article continuing with the same methods. It's true that if you talk a company to death that at the end it doesn't help anyone. The knee-jerk people are those who don't get that in their heads.

> (My argument here is only relevent to show my
> position on the whole GPL vs LGPL deal and to show
> I wasn't being the big bad GNOME user.

LGPL vs. GPL are just one or two of many open source approved licensing models. Nobody is forced to be GPL or LGPL compliant and not everyone believes that these licenses are that great ones. There are plenty of people outside who still believe that LGPL as well as GPL are quite limited. Head over to the OSI page and look yourself of the amount of licensing there exist.

> I now believe that it was too hard to expect
> getting an non-insulting comment from a GNOME user
> like you. Is it possible for you or others to argue
> normally ?
> What the hell? Where did he get that from rm's
> reply? This sparks an argument between me and Ali.

From Tim's last article. It's so easy to figure out who is zealot of what desktop.

> Mod this down. This is the beginning of a flamewar
> (thanks to Ali, again).

I doubt there was an intention of flamewars, the intention is probably more on your site as we already have been able to read in OSN's last Tim Buttler bashses QT article.

> Do you go around assuming that everybody who
> disagrees with you or how you react to a situation
> is an 'evil GNOME idiot'? The guy you flamed was
> on-the-money.

I never said 'evil GNOME idiot' I don't use words like that. I only figure out quickly who a GNOME user can be and the amount of people like you or rm9660 defending GTK+ and GNOME till end makes it clear which sites you are favorisiting. I doubt an KDE user would come up and say 'hey you, you are an shizophreniac, paranoid idiot.. but hey thanks for defending KDE'.

> I point out how stupid it was for Ali to bring up
> the GNOME vs KDE war when there was none, and how
> he degrades GNOME users in general as being
> lower-class heathens (because one can't expect a
> 'normal' argument from us, because we are GNOME
> users).

a) I've been a GNOME user myself for the past 6 years, I still keep supporting GNOME with valuable bugreports and even patches, same apply for KDE and I still spent a lot of time supporting people with updated versions of CVSGnome to help them test use and install GNOME. But over the past 6 years I got a bad flavor from the behavior of GNOME people towards others, towards people who want to help, towards people who want to participate, towards people who wanted to be part of a community. In case you haven't figured out on your own, then please let me remind you of people such as 'Star (one of the main artists that left gnome due to huge offense), Martin Baulig (one of the main gnomelibs people who basicly got pissed out of gnome), dr. frickle (the guy behind gnome's softwaremap who got pissed off and who got all the mess with the site), eugenia (who wanted to help gnome), ... and countless others. All shitzos ?.

> Just because others (KDE people or people who don't
> have any issues with the QT licensing sheme) don't
> agree with them make them automatically
> shizophreniac, paranoid idiots.
> Where did he get that?


> So you see, although there may be thousands of bad
> comments coming from GNOME users about QT, there
> were none here and his comments were unjustified.

Oh and I wasn't trolling or creating a flamwar or something. It clearly explains that you haven't spent time reading Tim Buttler's last article on OFB which was all around GNOME vs. KDE and this article of him is quite similar - to my understanding. Maybe you should spent time reading the articles carefully or follow the reference before namecalling people or write stuff like 'Ali's intention is to make a KDE vs. GNOME war' which is not and in no way true. But I am sick of people like you trying to enforce this by repeating BS in the public.

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RE[4]: Of course
by rm6990 on Wed 13th Jul 2005 17:03 in reply to "RE[3]: Of course"
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Alright then, I'll bite, here are links to every single one of my comments from the last article. Please enlighten me to which one was bashing KDE.

You'll like this next one :

This one goes and proves my point yet again :

The worst I could be accused of is bashing Trolltech for lying about the GPL conditions kicking in for an in-house app.

So please, I ask yet again (and I'm willing to bet you will not answer this question, despite me making it easy by providing links) to point out where exactly I flamed KDE??? I really would like to know.

I find it funny you accused me of this same thing on the last article and couldn't provide proof.

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