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Games The E3 is underway, and with OSNews having a renewed casual interest in gaming, I figured I'd summarise the news around the big three console players, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Microsoft probably had the most interesting news to give us, Nintendo suffers from a severe case of milking the cow (and who would blame them), and Sony repackaged the PSP, announced a few games, and gave the promise it would come with motion sensing technology at some point in the future too.
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I prefer Sony's solution
by rramalho on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 10:18 UTC
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I've seen all three press conferences/presentations/ whatever.

MS Project Natal impressed me! But I'll judge it when i test it, not grabbing something kind of annoys me - it's like that stupid sensation of not having a real keyboard on my iPhone. It may be me, but it annoys me.

Speaking of motion controls, I like what I saw from Sony. It works, it's not PR stuff and a well made video. It actually works, and you're grabbing something...

I'll get to test both ways, since luckily I own both systems.

Let's see what the software part brings us. ;)

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RE: I prefer Sony's solution
by Verunks on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 10:28 in reply to "I prefer Sony's solution"
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yeah, microsoft natal looks cool but doing everything without a controller isn't that great, I can see it well for casual games but not for hardcore, on the other hand sony mixed the good of the two worlds, having both a camera and a controller you can do almost everything, the archer and sword demo was really impressive and accurate

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RE[2]: I prefer Sony's solution
by l3v1 on Wed 3rd Jun 2009 12:56 in reply to "RE: I prefer Sony's solution"
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Same thoughts here. It'd be funny to watch someone play a good FPS this way for 3 hours. Just what I felt in regard to Wii controls, it just limits the kinds of games one can create for it. It would be great as an additional control mechanism, just don't make it exclusive.

BTW, they just invented "air driving", you can add that to the list just below air guitar. I won't add further comments on that ;)

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grabberslasher Member since:

Do remember that Natal can actually do everything the Sony demo can; they could easily write up a demo that registered different objects in your hands (like the Sony glowing wands).

It's quite possible that future controllers (with buttons!) will be able to work *with* Natal to create some awesome games.

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thebluesgnr Member since:

That's not actually true unless Microsoft released a "wand" controller with buttons, which is kind of the opposite of what they're promising with Natal.

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RE: I prefer Sony's solution
by JrezIN on Thu 4th Jun 2009 01:21 in reply to "I prefer Sony's solution"
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but from the project natal demos, the one that impressed me most wasn't the control-with-your-movement ones, but the Milo demo... thats when we really start to interact with games.
I wonder what a Fable/FallOut game using this technology would be... or even MMO games streaming your expressions through your character.
Really impressive stuff that opens a lot of precedents.

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