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Opera Software Opera have announced the general availability of Opera 10 beta. Opera 10 includes an improved rendering engine Presto v2.2. The beta adds a new default skin and a couple of new features, notably "Turbo", a proxy compressor for dial-up users, and tab previews. The result? Complete fail. Read More for why and a quick screenshot tour. addendum: As an apology to the community for the reckless and inadequate review I will be doing it again, properly, taking into consideration your fine comments.
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What's at stake?
by faltiska on Thu 4th Jun 2009 10:24 UTC
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You really have to ask yourself what's at stake when you slap an article like this to your front page.

I won't stop reading OSNews becaus of one stupid article but I do feel offended by it.

Do you know in which way? It's simple, you should be aware that your readers are smarter than that and harder to please.

You got the installer, had a 2 minutes look, jumped to a conlusion and hurried to publish your opinions about only a small part of the new features. Did that take more than 10 minutes of your time? How much more?
Is that enough to make for a good article?

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RE: What's at stake?
by WereCatf on Thu 4th Jun 2009 10:32 in reply to "What's at stake?"
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To be fair, I probably wouldn't be able to write any better reviews. I know to avoid getting stuck on a single point and I am usually quite careful with words (strong personal opinions etc are bound to cause a stir) but I am not too good at writing anything in an interesting way either so if I were to wrote a review it'd most likely just get overlooked by people.

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RE[2]: What's at stake?
by Tuishimi on Thu 4th Jun 2009 15:25 in reply to "RE: What's at stake?"
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Your comment is more thought out and better written than the article. I'd read a review from you.

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