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Original OSNews Interviews Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Iyer Venkatesan, Product line manager for StarOffice at Sun Microsystems. He spoke to me at length about StarOffice 8, which will be released tomorrow. Read on for a summary of the interview, and be sure to check out the review at Newsforge as well.
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by Bobmeister on Tue 27th Sep 2005 00:11 UTC
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Yeah...I've seen some bugs and I have been using it since 1.9.79 or so...but all of the bugs that I have seen have disappeared in my current 1.9.125, but do you really think people will "run" back to Microsoft? Just curious why you say that. My wife has been using this since StarOffice 7 and she is now using OpenOffice 1.9 until we get StarOffice 8 and she likes it BETTER and she has been using MS Office for years prior to that.

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RE: Hmmmm
by John Nilsson on Tue 27th Sep 2005 00:23 in reply to "Hmmmm"
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Assuming pepole are checking out OO just for the sake of it. I think theyll find no compelling reason to stick with it. And the behavior is sufficiently dissimilar to MSO to get a feeling of bugginess

This is what I've found yet:

1. Slow rendering and rendering glitches (could be attributed to X/gtk and drivers though...)

2. Autofill in calc doesn't work as Excel. In excel if you autofill a single value it's repeated.

3. Pivot tables are called Data Pilot. Not a bug, but still an issue if the user thinks the feature is missing.

4. Enabling and Disabling of autofilter is confusing and buggy.

5. It's possible to remove the autofilter widgets by selecting a nonmatching query and not having a header row.

6. Data Pilot has a inferior query abillities.

There are more, but as you notice it's just a rather limited part of the whole suite I've had experience with jet. If the rest of it is similar...

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RE[2]: Hmmmm
by g2devi on Tue 27th Sep 2005 01:29 in reply to "RE: Hmmmm"
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2005-07-09 2.0 is beta testing, so of course it'll have issues. Have you filled out a bug report so that your concerns may be resolved by release time?

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