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Opera Software Opera have announced the release of Opera 10 beta. New engine, new features, but I'm more concerned about where Opera 10 fits into Opera's history, and certainly their future. Opera have never made any massive strides in marketshare and is Opera 10 really going to change any of that? Read More to find out.
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better but...
by waynej on Fri 5th Jun 2009 07:43 UTC
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Well this is an improvement on the previous drivel but I still can't believe or take seriously the emphasis on looks.

Q: What kind of car do you drive Kroc?

Kroc: A red one.

Q: How big an engine?

Kroc: My cars a red one.

Q: Economy?

Kroc: A red one.

That's still the overwhelming impression from the article.

I use linux at home and XP at work and for both platforms I have a huge variety of programs. There are a surprisingly small number that look "native" and/or "comfortable" on either OS (although Gnome and KDE's native software looks reasonably well integrated). I'm more interested in how the software works rather than how it looks and most users are probably the same.

The settings dialog could do with some love - I'll admit that, but how often do you need to delve into its depths - not very surely. The immediate GUI - very good in my opinion, does what's needed that's it. A black bit at the top doesn't make me shriek with pain to be honest.

You did look at the features of Opera but the article still gave the impression of being biased purely due to looks... How sad.

You are entirely entitled to your opinion, I totally agree with this but the article would have read better if you'd discussed features, performance, stability, etc. first, then commented on how offensive (offensive enough to cause the downfall of western civilization it would appear) you find the looks. Not the approach of :

I hate this due to looks..

Goodish feature... but see above.

Goodish feature... but see above.

OK feature... but see above.

Crap, but doesn't matter... see above.

If you want to use this fine, but in spite of the features, it'll make your eyes bleed and puppies will die.

I may be being overly critical but to me that is how the article reads.

Better than before but in my opinion most people will (hopefully) be swayed not by looks but by performance.

To everyone - give Opera a fair chance. Try it for a couple of days, weeks if possible and see how you get on. Don't be swayed by looks but by performance and features.

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RE: better but...
by Kroc on Fri 5th Jun 2009 08:18 in reply to "better but..."
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Actually, I don’t own any car and use a bicycle for everything.

My browser has a Gecko engine (1.9.1). It matches the best balance between standards support and compatibility with the web.

The JavaScript dialogues I see all the time, and they’re badly designed too (should be a sheet on OS X, icon is badly positioned, the tick box looks shoehorned in there and confuses the matter because it has nothing to do with what the website is asking.

I suppose it was an equally stupid thing of me expecting OSNews readers to think design is any more than what skin your browser has.

Is there nobody here who is an actual designer, please speak up! Design is not just an interchangeable skin.

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RE[2]: better but...
by spiderman on Fri 5th Jun 2009 09:19 in reply to "RE: better but..."
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I believe nobody think the design is about pretty pixels. The problem is that in your article you only critize pixels for being too colorful or too trendy and their over use of Photoshop or something along those line and then you say that this is not the only thing there is to design but their design suck. And yet, you didn't tell us what make their design suck, you just told us you don't like their use of Photoshop but that is not design. The actual design is fine and logical as far as I'm concerned. The menus are where I expect them to be, I have no trouble managing tabs and the options and I understand how the features work pretty well, so that is good design for me. Nobody cares about the skin.

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