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Opera Software Opera have announced the release of Opera 10 beta. New engine, new features, but I'm more concerned about where Opera 10 fits into Opera's history, and certainly their future. Opera have never made any massive strides in marketshare and is Opera 10 really going to change any of that? Read More to find out.
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Opera is a work of Art!
by Hoch on Fri 5th Jun 2009 12:18 UTC
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I never comment on articles. But this is (still) so unfair that I had to repost.

First of all, Krok, this is not personal! :-) I respect your opinion. I just think that you are just too influenced by design.

How can you judge a browser by it's interface skin? It is like saying a Ferrari is crap because it is red or you don't like its design. Of course car color is important, of course design is important. But the most important thing by far is that the car is easy to drive and takes you wherever you want, fast.

Good software is about productivity not just looks.

Design (colors, fonts, skins) are important but are just a small part of the usability equation. A lot more important for a daily use, is to be able to do things in the easiest and fastest way. Productivity. A pretty face is welcome but productivity is king. That is where Opera excels.

First some background about me. I'm not native English so excuse my spelling. I have been programming for more than 20 years. Wrote my first big web app 14 years ago in 1995. Still building pretty complex web apps and http app servers. I Usually browse 6-7 hours a day. During all those years, for professional reasons, I have tried every kind of browser you can imagine and finally kept the best one: Opera.

Of course I have Safari 3, Firefox Beta 4 and Chrome 2 installed and I use them from time to time to check compatibility of web pages. But for day to day use nobody beats Opera.

Let me tell you why:

PRODUCTIVITY (usability, customization, speed, stability)

Can you be productive if your tools are missing, difficult to use, your soft is slow or crashes often? No.

*** Opera has lots of functionality built in.

As yo said in your review there is a lot of functionality built in in Opera. Too much? I don't think so.

If a BitTorrent download is faster than a normal download will you use BitTorrent? Of course!

If you use an email client why juggle with two applications? It is more productive to have it all in the same app, in one panel. I can assure you. I have used the Opera email for a long time and it is more convenient that having a email client as another process. By the way, the email client is great.

As a bonus for the extra functionality you don't need to search, download and install plug ins that usually hog your browser.

Anyway, if you need more, you have widgets. Lot's of them:

And all this functionality in less disk space that chrome or Firefox! So why worry if you will use it or not?

*** Opera 10 is adapts the workspace to your needs.

Opera is *extremely* customizable. If you don't like the default position of panes, buttons or toolbars, just change it in minutes. Make you panes float. Or hide them if you do not use them.

Opera 10 allows to adapt the workspace to your needs.

Can you do this with Firefox, Safari or Chrome? Not yet.

And if you don't like the default skins (color, icons, fonts), there are dozens of skins available just a few clicks away by choosing Tools->Appearance->Find more skins. Easy. Not satisfied? create you own skin and if you want, share it with others. Some of the skins are excellent. Period. Check them at

*** Speed and efficiency

But how can a tool be usable and productive if it is slow? Impossible.

Opera 10 is *fast*. It has the best rendering speed of html and CSS. Why? Efficiency.

Their Presto engine is the most efficient out there. In Windows it renders html and css in less time and with less cpu usage than Firefox beta 4, IE 8 or Chrome 2.

Less CPU usage= faster browsing even on low end, old or underclocked cpus. This is great news for netbook users.

To test the efficiency of the Opera Presto engine try running it with 20 tabs open (this is what I usually have) open on a netbook with an Atom processor in power saving mode... (My eee pc 901 is set to 600Mhz in power saving mode).

Well... at 600Mhz Opera 10 rocks at html, css rendering! (with flash disabled :-)

Firefox beta 4 or chrome 2 hog a low end, old or underclocked cpu when rendering one complex page. It is easy to prove. Put your cpu in power saving mode. Fire process explorer on Windows and watch those browsers eat all your cpu cycles to load and render just one complex page!

Add to this how easy is to disable flash which is such a resource hog (Flash eats a lot of cpu and therefore battery life, increases heat and fan noise) Just press f12 and 'disable plug ins' on the pop up menu. Easy and fast. One of my favorite features. Bye, bye heat and fan noise. Welcome battery life! You can't do this on Chrome 2 and it is not as easy in Firefox beta 4 or Safari 3.

*** Stability

Opera rarely crashes so no need of one process per domain which is very expensive in resources. Chrome easely hogs a netbook or a machine with 1gb if you use it with lots of tabs and other apps open.

And with the new crash report tool in Opera 10 the Opera developers can smash bugs faster. That means a even more robust browser.


Those guys are the Apple or Google of browsers. They invented new ways to improve the browsing experience.

Opera was the first browser to have (Opera team correct me if I'm wrong):

- Tabs,
- Jestures,
- Speech recognition,
- Integrated RSS client/reader,
- Widgets (small apps that you run inside Opera. calendars, clocks, games, todo lists, etc. - Browse
- Speed dial (Chrome took note)
- Trash icon with deleted tabs and undo tag close by pressing control z. So useful!
- Turbo for slow connections (great for 3g or gprs mobile internet or bad dsl connections),
- Synchronization of bookmarks between several Opera browsers (via Opera own servers).
- Skins that you install and uninstall with a few clicks,
- Integrated BitTorrent download,
- Page flow (adjust page to the width of your browser window)
- Easy enable, disable of animated images, plugins (including flash), java, cookies, etc. just by pressing f12
- Tab previews
- Save sessions (groups of tabs)
- *Excellent* integrated email client. It is disabled by default. If you do no use it, you will never know that it is there.
- For developers, select 'tools->developer tools' and you will find a state of the art dom and javascript debugger!! (dragonfly)

An as I said before, *All this functionality* and more in less disk space than other browsers with less features and in a small 6MB installer. Amazing...

Krok, I think that you should use Opera for a reasonable period of time not just a few hours. I'm shure that it will grow on you.

Opera is a Work of (software) Art. Opera developers deserve lots of respect for this refined software.

This review does not do justice to the enormous effort of this team to offer the best possible browsing experience.

Disclaimer: I'm not related to Opera in any way.

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RE: Opera is a work of Art!
by Anguis on Mon 8th Jun 2009 01:51 in reply to "Opera is a work of Art!"
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Thanks for this informative post.

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RE: Opera is a work of Art!
by mightshade on Tue 9th Jun 2009 13:43 in reply to "Opera is a work of Art!"
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There's a lot of valuable info in your post, thank you for that.

I actually think: After the Opera team hired a new design guy, maybe they should hire someone new for PR - you. Your whole post reads like an advertisment, and a good one at that. I have nothing to criticise about it, except I found it unnecessary that you reposted it on both Opera 10 stories.

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