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Apple We all know Apple's App Store policies are a bit willy-nilly, inconsistent, and completely unreliable. This issue has been going on for a while now, and it doesn't see like anything has changed. The latest interesting App Store rejection is especially interesting, as it involves Apple rejecting an application related to one of its detractors: the EFF.
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RE: Jailbreak or...
by WereCatf on Fri 5th Jun 2009 13:49 UTC in reply to "Jailbreak or..."
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iPhone is good on the hardware-side of things; it looks good, has a well-working and adequately sized touchscreen and all the bells and whistles you could imagine you'd need on a phone.

But the software side lacks. No support for MMS has already put off many people, and it's one of the reasons why I wouldn't buy iPhone. But also the Apple's tendency to try to limit and control the users is a good reason to avoid it. But when Linux is actually working well and fine on an iPhone it'll suddenly become every attractive to any homebrew dev, and will most likely very soon have every possible feature you could ask for, including MMS support. At that point I am all for an iPhone myself, too.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I don't suggest either GNOME or KDE4 for it without heavy modification. As a toolkit for the applications themselves Qt4 would be a good choice in that it is a lot easier to create fluid animations in Qt4 than GTK+, and on a small screen fluid, clear animations actually are useful for making it easier to see what's happening.

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