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General Unix Gary Anthes offers an overview history of Unix forty years since Ken Thompson banged out the first version in assembly language for a wimpy DEC PDP-7 minicomputer, spending one week each on the operating system, a shell, an editor, and an assembler. Also included in the package are a year-by-year time line of its evolution, and profiles of Unix giants David Korn, Rick Rashid, and Gordon Bell.
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Plan9 remains on my "to add" list for my OS collection but I've yet to get it running in any meaningful way under VMware. VMware has matured since and Plan9 may have had develop since also so it's probably time for another go at it.

Shame the website looks like a first draft of a first year University student's notes. It's a very interesting platform but needs more active development or to show that ongoing development if it is happening.

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