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ReactOS ReactOS, the project to create a Windows NT-compatible operating system, has published another news update with some interesting news items. The legal position of the ReactOS Foundation has been strengthened, and now has a VeriSign certificate that might help other open source projects as well, the new ATA driver is more or less complete, and there's some progress in the area of video drivers.
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RE[4]: Waste of time
by Isolationist on Sat 6th Jun 2009 20:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Waste of time"
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Because both people who work on Reactos and Linux are system developers and they can learn any system to work on improving it.

The core architecture of the Linux operating system is fundamentally different to that of Reactos, and would take some time to get up to speed.

I agree that any system developer should have no problem learning a new system, but where is the incentive for a Linux system developer to do this?

You aren't representative of the majority of people. Most people use Windows, so a Windows clone is useful to more people than a Unix clone.

I never said I was a representative of the majority of people, and like many others you are using the context of a desktop market share.

Nope. Just pragmatic.

Nope, you are being pragmatic where it benefits Reactos.

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