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Apple And we have another Ask OSNews item! This one has to do with the recent article we ran on how I built my own Macintosh and installed a vanilla, unaltered copy of Mac OS X on it using the boot-132 method. One of our readers asked us: what is the best hardware to build a Mac out of?
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Comment by Cytor
by Cytor on Sun 7th Jun 2009 13:16 UTC
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The hackintosh scene has come a long way. I remember fiddling around with various OSx86 "distributions" in mid-2008, which all gave a rather painful experience (hardware not working, power mgmt issues, break on update, etc.). That was a year ago.
A few months ago, I set up a retail Leopard installation on my pc, utilising the mentioned boot-132 method. I even set up an independent partition for all custom extensions to be update safe. Even was able to set up and boot from an raid-0 Apple Software Raid.
But ultimately, you won't get everything working flawless, no matter how 'supported' your h/w is. For my specific hardware, the deal breaker was my PC constantly overheating, despite SpeedStep working and clocking down the CPU (also tried several other power mgmt drivers specially coded for OSx86 use), thus providing me with at least one kernel panic per day.
This, and shutdown/restart randomly not working.

So far for my experience with the OSx86 world... I'll come back next year for 10.6 and am pretty optimistic that the community will have the last issues sorted out by then :-)

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